Obama Shelves Jobs Credit Proposal

Bowing to widespread Democratic skepticism, President-elect Barack Obama drop its offer to include a tax break once touted the economic stimulus bill now taking shape on Capitol Hill, said last night helpers. He has proposed $ 300 billion in tax relief in a bill that could reach $ 775 billion, and has resurrected the jobs credit proposal of the campaign as one of its main provisions. Obama suggested $ 3. 000 credits for work last week as one of the five individual and business tax incentives designed to win Republican support.

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Sylvester Stallone Stallone Paid Rourke To Be In Get Carter

Stallone Rourke asked to play the villain in the film after meeting with him in a restaurant, during a low point in the fight actor career.. SYLVESTER STALLONE was so determined to land MICKEY ROURKE a role in his remake GET CARTER has twice offered him, when the star ANGEL HEART down.

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Ledger Slumdog Unbeatable In Oscar Odds

With a month to go until the film industry prestigious annual Oscar awards are distributed, and Slumdog Millionaire Heath Ledger shares are to be chosen to take out licenses for Best Supporting Actor and Best Picture. Ledger, a favorite to unbackable United Kingdom and Las Vegas bookmakers, becomes only the second player to win an Oscar posthumously, following Peter Finch in 1976 for his services in the network..

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Rob Pattinson Quot Twilight Shows Love Conquers All Quot

Twilight star Robert Pattinson says the message behind the hit vampire romance is that love conquers all. If you really love someone, you can overcome any obstacle. . We know that the love story that nothing is impossible, said Pattinson Colombia But in a new magazine interview.

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Lil Wayne Gives 200k Back To The Community

In addition, the community center vacant during the time it was damaged by squatters. L area served by a trailer Sewerage And Water Board site for the workers as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Waynes donation not only the park to restore conditions of danger, but also be used for educational and recreational programs.. N Rapper Lil Wayne donated $ 200,000 to rebuild the rap stars New Orlean Harrell Park games for children. L heavy equipment severely damaged the track field and parks.

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